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andie milk.

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hello everyone [February 09]
long time no post. catch me up to speed. i should use this more often since i did shell out twenty bucks for a fancy schmancy paid account. i just really don't have livejournal friends anymore, thanks to a bunch of people. being on livejournal reminds me of those people.

okay well whatever. talk to me. tell me about something going on in your lives. i turned on anon comments so you guys can share stuff or whatever.

friends cut. [November 25]
lose my number.


i've been wanting to do this for a long time! so if you see someone posting as ~hotbox then it's me, andie.

AJS;LAKJFD [October 26]
today i dyed my hair.
what has science createdCollapse )

BEFORE i ruined my hair though i took some cute pictures this morning.

what is normal?Collapse )

uhhh well i'm kinda tired rn so i'm gonna head off to bed. more pictures tomorrow.

today i took some pictures. [October 24]
i was having kind of a bad/fat day and my hair is all greasy and shit and ugh everything is wrong so i just decided to take some pictures. and it helped quite a bit!
this is gonna get quite huge.Collapse )

tonight i'm going out for a run. any suggests for a playlist? i basically like everything you guys do except atl and blg and hm. so something to get me pumped up. HEY GUYS LET'S SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR ANDRESSA TO QUIT THIS TIME i will never be healthy lmao

sorry for the journal overload today. [October 24]
cut a bunch of people from my flist. don't worry, it was all people who had never commented or contributed to my life in any way. if i made a mistake though, please send me an IM (it's on my profile) and tell me right away!! it's nothing personal, i just feel like we're not made to be lj friends :/ maybe someday?

[October 22]
so i'm a mod for dailygabespam now! i'm happy since that was pm the icing on my glorious cake today. all my classes were cancelled and the weather was glorious today. i'm so so happy about everything right now omg.

i set up a few filters and had a friend cut (sorry) and i got rid of a ton of comms on my profile.

i ordered chinese and it's coming in a bit.

to everyone since you don't know how to fuckin read [October 01]
you all fucking missed the point. the point was capitalism and how bad it sucks. good-bye.

awfoijiwafoipjweapoifjoiwejpfio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [September 23]


ATTN FLIST. [September 23]
i will now have annoying ads on my journal. you should click them. i'm a starving college student, SO SUE ME. please do it, do it if you love me ):

yeah no but mostly they're there so uh .... sorry? if i make money i'll take em down but i wanna see how it goes at first!

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